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Cohort 11 Grant Evaluation

Consider Steps To Achieve for your external evaluation.
We work with your program to provide a comprehensive grant evaluation service.

We have the experience to meet your program needs.

Our evaluators are members of the American Evaluation Association!

Evaluations are helpful

Your program impacts students, the evaluation tells you how. 

  • The evaluation starts with your grant narrative to ensure the evaluation aligns to your program goals.

  • Evaluation activities are ongoing with recommendations throughout the year.

  • Use the information to market your program to the parents and students that you are able to serve. 

  • Our Evaluation Services

    We focus on every aspect of your program

    Student Success Stories

    We include the impact your program has on students!


    We will survey parents, students, staff, and school administrators on their views of the program. 


     We will conduct interviews to gather additional qualitative information on your program. 

    Academic Information

    We evaluate grades, test scores, and other academic information on students participating. 

    Attendance / Behavioral

    We evaluate students' attendance and behavioral changes within the program and within school.

    Evaluation Report

    Will include a summary of program activities, qualitative/quantitative information, visual charts, and recommendations. 

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    The Evaluation Process

    Rest assured I follow a proven method. Here's how it works:


    We work with you to develop the overall evaluation plan and data collection efforts. 

    Ongoing Evaluation

    We collect  and analyze data  from  surveys. interviews, site visits and information you  provide. 

    Final Report

    We provide a final report summarizing your program along with recommendations for next school year. 

    Our Evaluators 

    Our evaluators have years of experience with 21st CCLC grants, public education, administering federal programs, state monitoring, curriculum development, school district leadership, including the position of superintendent, and most importantly leading many successful district and school level initiatives and programs.

    Steps To Achieve is an approved Act 48 Training Provider and a member of the American Evaluation Association. 

    Steps To Achieve Evaluators

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